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The newly introduced Disposable Virus Sample Tube with Swab (DVST+S) was developed and validated to fill the growing need for more DVSTs due to the expansion of PCR testing and can be used for onsite as well as remote sample acquisition. The DVST+S collection kit comes complete with a sample swab and a sealable transport tube with label and which contains a pre-mixed preservative. The DVST+S is configured to work with multiple infectious agents for lab transport.

The preservative within the transport tube consists of a low concentration of surfactant and isotonic salt ions. This solution inactivates and preserves the virus specimen following acquisition and during the transport to the lab. The transport media also acts as a biological preservative to prevent viral degradation, which inhibits reproduction of various bacteria and fungi.

  • Superior Collection Design

       Velvet-like brush creates more contact points 

       expanding sample acquisition

  • Rapid Elution

       No inner fabric core to trap the specimen allowing

       complete use of the test sample

  • Easy to Break

       A molded breakpoint allows you to safely and easily

       break off the swab following sample acquisition for

       easy insertion into and sealing of the transport tube

  • Better Preservation

       The transport medium within the transport tube

       inactivates and preserves virus within specimen

       during transport to the lab

  • Antibacterial Property

       The transport medium inhibits reproduction of

       various bacteria and fungi

This product is intended for professional use and not for home use.

The DVST+S is not available for distribution in the USA

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