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Healgen HG-P320 Portable Real-time PCR system 

HG-P320 Real-time PCR system is a portable fluorescence

quantitative PCR instrument developed by our partner, Bio-Gener.


The HG-P320 adopts a four channel and double 16-well block system, which can run two different files simultaneously.

The Healgen HG-P320 combines a variety of advanced technologies: 7-inch high-definition TFT color touch screen, windows 10 operating system with analysis software, complete quantitative analysis and printing report without computer. It adopts American Marlow custom-made peltier, high sensitivity photoelectric detector and side scan technology, to ensure superior performance and stable detection results.


The Healgen HG-P320 is fully operational with our latest Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) reagents as well as our full array of other PCR reagents for a number of different infectious diseases all available through Consortium International.


Features include:

• Four channels and double 16-well blocks design, can run two different programs at the same time.
• Small size, light weight, easy to carry.  
• Powerful software analysis function, which can be used for Quantitative Analysis, Melting Curve Analysis, Genotyping,
Relative quantification, and etc.  • 7-inch high-definition TFT color touch screen, and embedded Win10 operating system. 
• 20G flash memory can save 40,000 experimental data. 
ª Printer as an optional which can print the records directly, no need to connect the computer. 
• Imported 32 bundled optical fibers are used to collect fluorescence from the side to increase the intensity of 
fluorescence signal and reduce light        conduction damage.
• Black reaction block to avoid background noise.  
• LED light source has the advantage of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and maintenance free.
• The electromagnetic lock cover technology prevents the hot lid from accidentally opening.  
• Front shutdown button makes file data more secure. 
• Constant current control circuit makes power output smooth and extends Peltier life, also improves temperature
 control accuracy
• It has the protection functions of over-current, over temperature, power-off data self recovery, etc.  
• Forward and backward air vent design, can be placed side by side, saving laboratory space.   


Sample Capacity 


Reaction Volume

Temperature Control Technology

Temperature Range 

Temperature Fluctuation



Excitation Wavelength

Emission Wavelength

Measurement Channel Number


Net Weight


32x0.2ml (2x16well, double block)

Clear 0.2ml PCR tube- 8-tube strip


Marlow customized Peltier allow 1,000,000 cycles







4 channels

1 copy

6.5 KG

]220V AC, 50HZ


Healgen MA-1630Q Portable Real-Time

Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Reader 

MA-1630Q Portable Real-Time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR system is equipped with a maximum of 3 fluorescence detection channels and a standard 16-hole detection flux. All experimental operations and results analysis can be completed through the built-in touch screen. Small body design, optional external battery and other characteristics, can fully meet the user's needs for small flux experiment and outside experiment.

  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to meet the needs of outside experiments.

  • Relative quantitative, absolute quantitative, melting curve, negative and positive analysis, etc.

  • Built-in 7" HD capacitor screen PDA, touch screen operation, simple and quick.

  • 16x0.2ml reaction module, compatible with 8-tube strip and single tube.

  • External battery can be incorporated to meet the needs of field experiments.

  • Simple and intuitive software guidance, easy to open fluorescence quantitative PCR system.

  • Advanced temperature control technology

  • High quality Marlow semiconductor thermoelectric module, combined with German high-end PT1000 temperature sensor and edge thermal compensation temperature control mode.

  • Stable fluorescence detection technology

  • High-intensity LED is imported as the excitation light source, and 32 coaxial fibers transmit signals to PD detector synchronously

Dimensions:    320 x 240 x 177mm

Weight:            4kg

Power Supply: 100-240v; 50-60hz

                                                                Not Available for Distribution within the United States

Healgen MA-6000 Portable Real-Time
Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Reader 

The MA-6000 is a 96 well, 6 channel Real-Time quantitative thermal cycler instrument used in real-time fluorescent detection and data analysis. It is used to monitor the of fluorescence in each test tube in real time during PCR amplification. After the end of the amplification, the software automatically processes the experiment data, carries out quantitative or qualitative interpretations and dissociation analyses of each sample with the 96-well plate. 


This instrument is to be used in a laboratory setting to conduct rapid and accurate quantitative, qualitative detection on samples taken from the sample or other analytes of the target nucleic acid using corresponding reagents; or to be used for dissociation analysis, genotype, gene expression and other functions of research.


Temperature control technology and innovation

On the basis of the six independent temperature control technology, using the enclosed liquid heat transfer efficiency, combined with environmental scanning monitoring regulation auxiliary infrared with heating and intelligent variable frequency system voltage, current, ensures the module heating speed, effectively prevents temperature overshoot, no edge effect and the evaporation temperature, not only saves your precious time to amplify the required temperature uniformity and the repeatability of the results achieved perfection, no matter what kind of test mode or application, it can get good data uniformity and repeatability.


The world's leading optical detection technology and advantages

On behalf of the world's leading optical transmission and collection technology, use optical fiber after the excitation light source for reaction system and the emission of light from the reaction system after excitation, the energy attenuation without conduction to each reaction holes and cold CCD, from physical properties to ensure consistency and authenticity of the excitation and detection, and greatly improve the detection sensitivity, can make your low effective detection and distinguish easily copy sample .The channel mismatch function is added to extend the application field of qPCR to the protein level and provide a new way for the construction of multiple systems of diagnostic reagents.


Dimensions:        548*388*288 mm

Power supply      100~240V, 50、60Hz

                                                                                 Not Available for Distribution within the United States


MQ-4164  Portable Real-Time
Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Reader 

The MQ-4164 is a compact portable 4-channel Real-Time qPCR that is accurate, fast and a durable quantitative real-time thermal cycler. It offers multiple flexible and diversified applications. The native software is capable of real-time monitoring of amplification curves, melting curves and interpretation of results. Temperature control is attributed to high-end temperature sensors and compensation mechanisms. 

It can support 16 wells, which can support different quantitative and absolute quantitative detection requirements.

Ultra-high sensitivity multi-pixel photo-sensing chip, no need to scan line by line for millisecond speed shooting.

Excitation source:
Independent LED for each channel, LED light source is stable with almost no attenuation and no need to be replaced regularly.

Temperature control mode:
Data comparability is guaranteed without the use of reference materials.


Size 247*188*133mm

Weight 2.8kg

Power supply Adapter provided that accepts 110V/240V AC

                                                                  Not Available for Distribution within the United States

Auto-Pure Nucleic Acid Extraction System

The Auto-Pure instrument series are benchtop devices for DNA and RNA purification by using magnetic separation technology from samples, such as blood, cultured cells, bacteria, cell-free body fluids and plants. The device utilizes magnetic rods to transfer particles the purification phases of binding, mixing, washing and elution. The automatic workflow is optimized to minimize hands-on time. 


• Automated Purification Method 

• 7 inch touch screen intuitive operation 

• 15-40 minute extraction protocol 

• Sample Volumes up to 1 mL, 3 mL and 5 mL 

• Open System to support various extraction kits 

• Series of models for various throughputs 

                                                                    Not Available for Distribution within the United States

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